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Place of location: Panbari, Po. Alomgang Lower Assam
Nearest Railway Station New Coach Behar (W.B.)
ASTC Bus Station Dhubri (Assam)
Airport Guwahati (275 km.)/Assam
Bagdogra (260 km.)/W.B.
National Highway NH-31 (150 Mtrs.) from the K.V.
Distance From NCB Rly. Station - 90km
From NCB Bus Station 90km
From Dhubri Bus Station 22km

Sub-Tropical Humid climate with monsoon display of temperature and rainfall. Summers being hot and humid as the rainfall regime is heavy and is approximately over 250cm. per annum. Winters are relatively cool and pleasant.

Temperatures (approx):
Climate Condition
Maximum Temperature in Summer 34°C
Minimum Temperature in Summer 20°C
Maximum Temperature in Winter 27°C
Minimum Temperature in Winter 08°C

Site Map:

There are two ways to reach.

  1. From Guwahati to KV, Panbari

  2. From New Cooch Behar to KV, Panbari

From Guwahati to KV, Panbari

From ISBT, Guwahati there is direct Bus Service to Dhubri Distt. KV, Panbari is located about 20 Km. before from Distt. Headquarter on NH - 31.

From New Cooch Behar to KV, Panbari

New Cooch Behar Railway Station (situated in West Bengal) is on the railway root from all the major cities of India like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai to Guwahati. From Cooch Behar Bus Station there is direct Bus Service to Dhubri Distt. Leave the bus at Gauripur which is 12 far from KV, Panbari. Now from Gauripur to KV, Panbari (Suparighat) there is Auto Riksha and Bus Services are available. 



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